A wholesaler of mining machinery and equipment and parts with the most complete categories and the lowest prices.

The main business of the CAMEL mining machinery export supplier :

  • Hydraulic parts and equipment: valves, pumps, cylinders, motors, motors, hoses, meters , filters,  sensor, etc.
  • Various mining machinery parts, etc.
  • Safety protection equipment parts: fall protection, hand protection, breathing protection, arc protection, walkie-talkie,   Alarms, etc.
  • Exploration equipment: drilling equipment, instruments, etc.
    rock drills, drilling rigs,  excavators, dump trucks, loaders, etc.
  • Comprehensive mining equipment: hydraulic supports, coal mining machines, scrapers Plate conveyors, etc.
  • Lifting equipment: winches, mining vehicles, etc.
  • Washing equipment: crushers, ball mills,  flotation machinery, etc.
We are a supplier of Mining machinery  equipment and parts from China
with abundant supply and cheap price.

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Safety Protection Equipment

It mainly includes ventilators, gas equipment, ambulance equipment and personal safety equipment.

Hydraulic Parts

It mainly includes hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cooler, pumps, motors, accumulators and hose fittings, etc.

Mining Machinery Parts

It mainly includes replaceable parts and components in mining machinery.

Exploration Equipment

It mainly includes drilling equipment, instrumentation and other equipment.

Excavating Equipment

It mainly includes rock drill, tunnel boring machine, excavator, dumper, loader and other equipment.

Fully Mechanized Mining Equipment

It Mainly includes hydraulic support, coal mining machine, scraper conveyor and other equipment.

Lifting Equipment

It mainly includes winch, Mine Truck and other equipment.

Washing Equipment

It mainly includes crusher, ball mill, screening equipment and flotation equipment and other equipment.

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